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20 REASONS WHY D18(Dino x Hibari from Katekyo Hitman Reborn) IS THE PERFECT SHIP

Apr. 7th, 2013 | 12:45 pm
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20 REASONS WHY D18(Dino x Hibari from Katekyo Hitman Reborn) IS THE PERFECT SHIP :3 ♥

1. Dino is the ony person in KHR who spent time with Hibari Kyoya when he was outside of school.

2. Hibari never really bites Dino to death, he just loves to fight with him. yeah, fight. *cough*

3. Everytime Dino appears, Hibari is going to appear in less than 3 pages. Or 1 minute, if you are talking about anime.

4. What I mean in #3 is that Dino always comes out for Hibari. :3

5. Dino is the only person in KHR who really understands Hibari about what he wants and what he likes to do.

6. Hibari trusts Dino. You can tell by the way Hibari lit his flame the very first time.

7. Dino is the only person who can come to the roof of Namimori Middle without Hibari’s permission. Actually we can take this as Hibari waits for Dino on the roof. EVERYDAY.

8. Romario and Kusakabe always drink together. I wonder why.

9. Dino has described Hibari as “not kawaii at all.”

10. Dino is the only person in KHR who can calm Hibari down before he loses control. Remember choice? *wink wink*

11. KHR 257, LOOK AT THE COVER!! hot damn

12. In KHR 299, Dino is the first person to get to Hibari. He said, “I’m fine. Excluding my pride.”

13. In KHR 365, Hibari followed Dino ALL THE WAY after school.

14. In KHR 367, Fon asked Hibari why he came to the hotel; Hibari answered, “The Bucking Horse was saying that he came here at night.”

15. “Don’t you dare raise your hand against my pupil.”


17. KHR 374, the first time Hibari uses his tonfas as a whip.

18. Hibari calls Dino Haneuma. But when he is addresing to him, he uses “anada”, which in Japanese means “you”, and it’s only used between close friends or lovers. Also, Hibari uses “kimi” for everyone else.

19. Dino is the only person in KHR who calls Hibari “Kyoya”.

20. Dino and Hibari have both saved each other’s life.

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Apr. 7th, 2013 | 12:39 pm
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This isn't even Kuroshitsuji anymore. It's like putting Sebby in another story. DAMNIT. Kuroshitsuji is Ciel and Sebby, not another master.
Why can't they understand that the best adaptation is being faithful to the original? This isn't remotely changing some aspects... It's the whole story. I can't accept that they call this Kuroshitsuji anymore.

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gintama fanfic

May. 19th, 2011 | 11:51 am
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 Title:  A Cup of Hidden Feelings Will Overflow Someday
Genre: Romance, Humor, Yaoi
Rating: M
Disclaimer:  I do not own Gintama, and if I was it would probably an yaoi one with Hijikata and Gintoki as the main pairing!~
Pairing: Hijikata Toushirou and Sakata Gintoki
Summary: Gintoki sees Hijikata coming out of a love hotel. What could this be? BL, HijiGin

Chapter 1: Unexpected Surprises Comes Out in Ordinary Days

"Aaaah! What the hell is this job? Throwing away garbage far away? What a weird customer… Maybe it contains a secret… Hihihihi… Maybe I just dump it here in Kabuki-cho red light district somewhere here—Eh!"

Gintoki was shocked of the person who just came out from a love hotel with a woman by his side. "Eh! How could it be? Mayora-san had a girlfriend? No way—even though he's popular, no normal girl would like a person who gulps down a whole bottle of mayo in his food. It makes you want to puke! Aaaaah!"

"I appreciate if you do that monologue by yourself." Said Hijikata, the person in question. "What I am doing is none of your business!"

"Yeah, I know that, I was just surprised, hahahaha…. Did Okita knew about this? I want to tell him… hahaha…"

"Shut up, Yorozuya! Do you want to die?" Hijikata pointed his sword to Gintoki.

"Eeeek… Of course not.. hahahaha.."

"Tsk, your unreliable…" Hijikata said, a bit irritated. "Here's some money, just shut up and forget what you saw."

The mayo-addict started leaving with that woman by his side. As Gintoki looked bewildered having an internal monologue within himself saying "Do I look like I won't shut up without money? Even I have my pride too.. Argh! He always looks down on me!" That monologue of him was cut off when he saw the woman with Hijikata grinning, as if making fun of him.

"What the hell was that woman? She looks like she isn't ordinary, somewhat like evil."

Gintoki had many battles from before so he knew the aura of people who are seeping evil out of their bodies. "Maybe I was just thinking hard, an ordinary woman can't probably put up with mayo anyways."


"Gin-san! Gin-san!" Shinpachi was yelling. "Gin-san! Gin-san!"

"What the hell was that Shinpachi? You don't have to say it in a loud voice, my ears are perfectly fine!" Gintoki said, irritated.

"I am calling you for about some time now, what are you spacing out for!"

"Shinpachi, stop yelling at me like you are my mom you know. I was just—just—hmmmm… that's right! Thinking of what flavour of parfait should I next eat!"

"Oh well whatever. There is a customer who wants us to catch a woman who—" Shinpachi was cut off by Gin saying "Why do we need to chase a woman? It the Shinsengumi that are responsible for that! After all women are cunning! I do not want to catch them!"

"Oi Gin-san! What is really your problem? I am not finished talking yet! This woman swindles a lot of men and she ruins their lives! We can't forgive it!"

"That is the Shinsengumi's problem!" Gin started yelling.

"But this woman is involved with the Amantos! Shinsengumi have no jurisdiction with them!"

"I don't care! Let the Shinsengumi handle them! They have a girl magnet Mayora-san to begin with! Gin-san have nothing to seduce a girl!"

"Gin-san? Are you jealous with Hijikata-san's fangirls? Don't worry, they back out once they see the mayo, and why are you so angry with him?" Shinpachi said confused with Gintoki's reaction. He would normally accept jobs like this. They are the Yorozuya after all.

"Shinpachi, I saw Hijikata earlier coming out with a woman in a love hotel—wait, it is this woman? How do you have a picture of her? Is she famous?" Gintoki was surprised.

"No, this is the woman whom we need to catch, she swindles other men. Wait—Hijikata is in trouble!"

"Hmph! That Mayora is strong, he could take care of himself. I am not doing this job."

"Then, I will do it! I am worried!" Shinpachi said, preparing to leave, at the same time, Kagura arrived after taking a walk with Sadaharu.

"Oi Shinpachi, where are you going?"

"I am going to do a job! Want to come with me Kagura? We are going to catch a woman who swindles men! I have to save every man's pride!"

"Sounds like fun! I don't really understand but I'll go!" Kagura said enthusiastically. "Aren't you coming with us, Gin-chan?"

The silver head samurai give off an annoyed face and said "I don't care about that, go on ahead."

AN: How was it? Please review it!~ This is my first attempt to write a fic, so if this one's fine with you, please tell, so I will continue with the story. I am planning to write some smut if this story is welcomed. Constructive criticisms are open. So again, thank you for reading~

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